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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve gotten to see The Protocol grow and evolve. Although our little place has spent more than its fair share of time in the national spotlight, we came from some very humble beginnings. After working as an independent trainer since 2004, I started “Vail Boot Camp” in the summer of 2010 with less than $500 and few ladies on a basketball court and a small handful of these weird looking metal balls with handles on them. I can’t honestly look back and say that I completely knew what I was doing, but what I didn’t have in technical proficiency I made up for in hard work and a deep desire to seek out better information. Within several months I had the opportunity to rent a gymnastics facility in the early morning hours before the kids got in, and we had our first location for our Vail Boot Camp.

In January 2013, I took a big risk and signed my first lease for a small room inside of a martial arts studio (less than 700 square feet). The Protocol was born. This lease lasted only 10 months because the martial arts studio was closing. So the goal was simple: Grow. We had to get big enough in less than a year to be able to afford our own stand-alone location. Well, we did it. In September of 2013, we found a 1,061 square foot place that has served as our main location for nearly three years now. During this time The Protocol has grown WAY beyond anything I ever imagined it would, and our space is now too small. The next step is obvious… in this month’s blog post, I’d like to introduce you to The Protocol 3.0!


On May 1st, 2016, we will open at our new location at 8474 E Speedway (between Pantano and Camino Seco). This location is a fairly newly constructed, free standing building that is twice the size of our current location. This will open up many opportunities previously unavailable to us. Here are some highlights:

1. Class schedule will be expanded – Most of our current classes are full, and have been full, for a long time (in some cases years). New classes will provide some strain relief which will allow us to expand our system to accommodate new students.

2. Multiple classes and private sessions can take place simultaneously – In our current space, a class takes up every square inch. Not anymore! Private sessions will now be available during peak times while classes are going on the other side of the gym.

3. SMK Certification! – I have spoken to the powers that be and, with our new facility, Tucson will serve as a hub for future SMK Kettlebell Certifications and Strength Matters Workshops! Stay tuned for more details…

4. Bigger classes? No. – Current students have been asking if classes will be bigger. The simple answer is no. Our business model is very unique to the industry, “A personal training experience without the personal training price.” Classes will still be limited to 6 people. Changing this would change our culture and we’d end up looking everyone else. I’m not saying what others are doing is wrong, I’m just saying it’s not us.

5. New equipment? Yes. – There were many things I’ve always wanted to have at The Protocol that we simply didn’t have room for. This will no longer be an issue. Expect to see some cool new stuff in the coming months!

As most of you know, although a Soviet immigrant, I’ve called Tucson home for over 30 years now. My parents brought me here and worked tirelessly to provide us the American dream. I love this city. Thank you Tucson, for providing this immigrant kid with the opportunity to have his piece of the American dream.

If you’ve been watching our growth from the sidelines, and are interested in learning how to move better and become stronger, now is a great time to check us out. I’m never too busy to talk to you about your fitness goals. We will be having a grand opening party with food and drink, and a ribbon cutting ceremony sponsored by the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce, an organization that The Protocol is a proud member of. If you are not a current student of The Protocol or Chamber member, and wish to attend, please send us an email for more info.

Thank you!


Jerry Trubman is the owner and founder of The Protocol Strength & Conditioning, a facility and coaching program specializing in teaching people how to move better and be stronger. With over a decade of experience in a fitness world filled with nonsense and contradiction, Jerry has devoted himself to seeking out better answers, and distilling those answers into practical programs that produce great results. He writes “The Healthy Addiction” blog which has thousands of readers all over the world. Click here to subscribe to his blog.

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