Advanced Kettlebell Workshop In Tucson!

Advanced Kettlebell Workshop In Tucson!

On the Saturday before the Andrey Malanichev workshop (click here if you missed the big announcement), we will be hosting an advanced kettlebell workshop!

This three-hour course will cover the kettlebell snatch and jerk press, as well as key accessory work to help you refine these advanced lifts. This course is ideal for someone who has already been working with kettlbells and is proficient in the basic lifts (one-arm swing, clean, press, and Turkish getup).

This workshop is suitable for instructors, as well as advanced kettlbell enthusiasts. It is limited to just 12 participants so please reserve your spot today!   

Saturday May 19th from 12pm-3pm
The Protocol Strength & Conditioning, LLC
8474 E Speedway Blvd
Cost: $79

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